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SKF Lincoln KFU Single-line Pumps - Single-line lubrication systems from Norsecraft Tec AS

den 16 januari 2025

Function principle

Electrically operated gear pump


The gear pump continuously supplies lubricant to relubrication distributors via the main line network when the pump is in operation. When the metering chambers of the distributors are full, excess lubricant flows back into the reservoir via the safety valve. At the end of the pump running time, the pressure relief valve opens so that pressure in the main line drops to a residual pressure. This allows the spring-loaded pistons of the metering device to deliver lubricant from the metering chambers to the lubrication points.

Features and benefits

Includes gearpump with relief valve, safety valve, DC motor, transparent lubricant reservoir, filler socket and angle bracket 

Hood protects DC motor and filler socket from contaminants
Minimizes wear and tear
Reduces downtime
Lowers maintenance costs via automatic lubrication

Applications and industries

Construction machinery
Trucks, trailers and buses

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